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Welcome to New Conservative. We are a group of like-minded people who love New Zealand and want it to be the best place for all of us to live, work, and play. To do that, we need to start having the conversations that matter. 

Let’s start talking about the importance of fresh thinking and how this could benefit our nation. Let’s talk about real democracy and what that looks like compared to what we have today. And let’s start talking about building hope for tomorrow – sound policy and decision making that will bring hope for ourselves, our families, our businesses, and communities. 

Because what we have today is not how it has to be. It can change and we’ve got the team who can make that happen.

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Press Release

Belated Action on Terrorism Laws

New Conservative believes that Labour has delayed on very important terrorism safety legislation, because of its constant focus on laws grounded in their ideology.  The …

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Press Release

Why Not Trust the Team of Five Million?

New Conservative recognises the need for caution and the focus on containing this virus in the fastest and best possible way, but we are concerned …

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Press Release

The Fall of Afghanistan

New Conservative agrees that what the world has witnessed in Afghanistan is a tragedy. Twenty years of Western investment – time, money and most significantly …

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