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Vote for your values

For the first time in modern politics, there is a consistent voice for the countless victims of our disposable culture—for our children and our children’s children, who face an economy where they can't afford to buy a house to raise a family, an increasingly worsening cost of living crisis, and a broken society that devalues life, community, and human connection.

New Conservative, by speaking the truth with clarity, can be a light in a political landscape filled with false choices between bad options. To the many of you who don’t think anything can truly get better—we hear you. We know how you feel. But let’s not give up. Let’s fight with a smile.

We’re realistic about the challenges facing minor parties in NZ—but we’re also realistic about the opportunities we have. They are vast.

If you've ever thought about getting involved, it's time. We're just getting started.

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Thank you so much for deciding to join us. Together we will give representation to families once again and make a big difference to New Zealand.​

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Vote for your values
Vote for your values
Vote for your values