Elliot Ikilei to Contest Botany By Election - New Conservative NZ

Elliot Ikilei to Contest Botany By Election

New Conservative has been quick to throw its hat in the ring for the Botany By-election announcing that Deputy Leader Elliot Ikilei will contest the seat on a platform of Family, Justice and Democracy.

After years of working with at-risk youth in South Auckland, Elliot is well placed to speak up on the issues that are critical to the lives of New Zealanders and residents of Botany, and he has many connections with the Botany electorate. His practical experience, his multicultural background, and his bi-cultural marriage means that Elliot can speak with ease with people from all walks of life and can recognise the underlying causes of many of the struggles that everyday Kiwis face.

His was the first political voice to take an uncompromising stand for free speech, appearing at rallies, on TV current affairs, radio and debates, and he is also a respected member of the Free Speech Coalition. He is a recipient of a Bravery and Heroism award and is a loving husband and father of two.

Elliot speaks out against myths around institutionalised racism, youth justice, welfare, and free speech.

“The people of Botany deserve a conservative voice concerned with family, safety and stability,” says Elliot.