December 2017 - New Conservative NZ

Month: December 2017

Sovereignty or Bust!

Our sovereignty is linked to our democracy. New Conservative was the first political party to raise the issue of the secretive way that the Labour-led government was going about signing the UN Migration Pact. In the last week we still have had no further information that suggests our national Sovereignty won’t be seriously compromised by

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New Name for the Conservative Party

Members of the Conservative Party of New Zealand voted to look at a name change at the party’s AGM held in Auckland in November. Although all smaller parties had poor results this election, it was the belief of many members that a new name would encourage people to look at the positive, practical policies that

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Labour and NZ First Sign Coalition Agreement

“Only an educated and informed people will be a free people” ~ JFK​ When JFK spoke these words, little would he have known how seemingly prescient they were, especially within our own current political environment of spin, marketing, lies, public persuasion and obfuscation. And occasionally, we are purposely kept ignorant and unaware.​ One of the

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Pasifika and Maori Betrayed by Labour

As we come to the end of the year, many students are looking forward to the holidays with friends and family, secure in the knowledge that they will have a school to come back to next year. But not so for those children studying at a Partnership school. The Labour Party has always been utterly

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