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Pasifika and Maori Betrayed by Labour

As we come to the end of the year, many students are looking forward to the holidays with friends and family, secure in the knowledge that they will have a school to come back to next year. But not so for those children studying at a Partnership school.

The Labour Party has always been utterly opposed to Partnership schools, or Kura Hourua, and now each of these schools is facing possible closure or severe changes to operation and funding. Labour wants Kura Hourua gone.​

The Conservative Party supports Kura Hourua for the simple reason that generally, those who operate such schools come from the frontline of working with the families and communities who need support the most.​

And who are some of these schools that are on Labour’s hit list? Pacific Advance Senior School, New Zealand’s first Pasifika secondary school, led by Michael Jones and other strong Pasifika men and women. Labour want it stopped.​

South Auckland Middle School, made up of approximately 90% Maori/Pasifika and with a long, continuously growing waiting list. Labour want it stopped.​

Vanguard Military Academy, most of the students are Maori/Pasifika, as well as travelling from South Auckland to Albany every day. Labour want it stopped.​

Rise Up, Te Aratika, Middle School West Auckland, and others, all fighting for the futures of our rangatahi who need that support. Mostly Pasifika and Maori, operators and students both.

Nikki Kaye is right. Labour want the success of Kura Hourua to end, and the schools are left in limbo, but it is actually worse than that. Labour have again betrayed their loyal Maori and Pasifika supporters, this time by the removal of educational choice for our Maori and Pasifika families.​

Elliot Ikilei, Deputy Leader Conservative Party

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