Sovereignty or Bust! - New Conservative NZ

Sovereignty or Bust!

Our sovereignty is linked to our democracy.

New Conservative was the first political party to raise the issue of the secretive way that the Labour-led government was going about signing the UN Migration Pact. In the last week we still have had no further information that suggests our national Sovereignty won’t be seriously compromised by signing up to the pact.

For all the clever words of Winston Peters and Jacinda Ardern, there is still the fundamental intent by all countries signing the agreement that there will be shared views on migration and that will lead to a dissolution of our right to decide who comes into our beautiful country.

The problem here is not 2 people’s view of crown law advice. The problem here is the principles of democracy. We put smoking dope to a binding referendum, but not giving away the keys to our house? It doesn’t matter at all if advice suggests that certain outcomes are likely – the plain writing suggests that the New Zealand government has surrendered decision making rights to the United Nations that were previously ours alone.

Even those that agree with the pact must have some discomfort in the manner in which the whole situation has been so poorly handled.

New Conservative will remove New Zealand’s signature from this agreement if elected to government and will instead ensure an appropriate discussion is held on any future proposed UN pact, rather than back door dealings.

“NZ First once cared about protecting our borders and New Zealand’s immigration policy. It also advocated for binding referenda. In a signature move, Mr Peters has shown all that talk over decades to be rhetoric and New Conservative will ensure things are put right,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader.