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Israel Folau a Hero not a Villain

The vicious and draconian crackdown on free speech that has coursed through the media, in regards to comments made by rugby player Israel Folau, shows just how far some people will go to crush free speech. Mr Folau did not encourage aggression or violence against anyone. He did not incite hatred, or venom or disdain. He merely pointed out what, according to what he reads in the bible, is the truth.​

Whether or not you believe in the bible is your freewill. The hypocrisy in this situation is that Mr Folau is being criticised for criticising, judged for judging and demonised for believing something. He neither criticised nor judged. He simply answered a question about what he understood God’s perspective to be.​

People that speak up for their beliefs, whether or not they are popular, should be hailed as heroes for they challenge the status quo and provoke thought. Crushing them in the manner that is being practised on Mr Folau reiterates narrow mindedness and suppresses free speech.​

If someone has something that is important to them, then they should be able to share it. The homosexual community has expected, and even demanded, that tolerance themselves.​

They should now be able to show it.​

Leighton Baker, Conservative Party Leader