June 2018 - New Conservative NZ

Month: June 2018

Victim Support has more than a Little to do with Justice

Andrew Little’s beef with Garth McVicar and the Sensible Sentencing Trust (SST) seems to be based on some fairly poor intel and has left Mr Little looking a bit sheepish.​ Firstly it seems that SST have never set out to be the friends of any government, but rather exists for the sole purpose of supporting

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Call for Trade Training

A recent call from the Registered Master Electricians for contractors working on Kiwibuild to be training apprentices is welcomed by New Conservative Leader, Leighton Baker.​ “We have a huge window of opportunity to expand our qualified workforce, and it would be an incredible waste to outsource our labour rather than train in-house,” Baker says.​ One

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Building the Right Bridges

“New Zealand needs a viable coalition option before the 2020 election,” says party leader Leighton Baker at the launch of New Conservative.​ Immediately following the 2017 election result the impact of MMP politics and coalition governments highlighted the vulnerability for the major parties. The 1 News Colmar Brunton poll of 28 May 2018 again raised

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