Building the Right Bridges - New Conservative NZ

Building the Right Bridges

“New Zealand needs a viable coalition option before the 2020 election,” says party leader Leighton Baker at the launch of New Conservative.​

Immediately following the 2017 election result the impact of MMP politics and coalition governments highlighted the vulnerability for the major parties. The 1 News Colmar Brunton poll of 28 May 2018 again raised this question for the National Party. “We recognise the importance to New Zealand of presenting real options for voters,” observes Baker.​

“With several months to evaluate the political landscape we appreciated how important the Conservative Party was for New Zealand, but we owed it to our members to build on our foundation with new energy and so New Conservative was born,” says Baker.​

Established only six weeks before the 2011 election the Conservative Party achieved over 2% and was well on track for the 5% threshold for the 2014 election before the well reported public fall out for the then party leader Colin Craig who resigned from the party in 2016 and a rebuilding process began.​

“Time worked against us for the 2017 election” recalls Baker, “but we could not ignore the members who remain committed to the core values of the party.” With sound policy, and a leadership with extensive experience in the areas that present most challenge for New Zealand there is fertile ground for New Conservative. “Our re-launch as New Conservative retains our connection to the solid foundation of our party values while allowing us to disconnect from a history that has nothing to do with who we are,” concludes Baker.​

Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader