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Call for Trade Training

A recent call from the Registered Master Electricians for contractors working on Kiwibuild to be training apprentices is welcomed by New Conservative Leader, Leighton Baker.​

“We have a huge window of opportunity to expand our qualified workforce, and it would be an incredible waste to outsource our labour rather than train in-house,” Baker says.​

One of the excuses for not training is a lack of surety of work. However, if the government wants to increase building output, then it will need to guarantee work to builders to enable them to gear up for increased production.​

Kiwibuild also offers the perfect opportunity to start earlier trade streaming in schools, so that students finish school with the basic skills required in the trade they have chosen. The added advantage is that practical learners are more likely to stay engaged in and actually enjoy education if they can see its relevance to their future.​

“If we as a nation are looking to invest billions in Kiwibuild, then we need to make the most out of that investment. Retaining most of the invested money in New Zealand businesses and employees through training Kiwis rather than importing labour is similar to value-adding to exports, and it just makes practical sense,” concludes Baker.​

Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader