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Victim Support has more than a Little to do with Justice

Andrew Little’s beef with Garth McVicar and the Sensible Sentencing Trust (SST) seems to be based on some fairly poor intel and has left Mr Little looking a bit sheepish.​

Firstly it seems that SST have never set out to be the friends of any government, but rather exists for the sole purpose of supporting victims of crime and their families.​

“It would be interesting to see if those people that Mr McVicar has fought for hold him in the same regard as Mr Little. I somehow doubt it!” suggests Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader.​

Secondly, like many interest groups, SST’s work is not government funded, but self funded or assisted by donations. So an organisation that is looking after the victims of crime gets no taxpayer funds, while the organisation looking after the offenders is fully funded by tax. Sad irony.​

New Conservative calls for a far more integrated approach to our justice system (check here). While we acknowledge that locking people up and throwing the key away doesn’t bring great benefit to offenders, the government should not be solely focused on the welfare of offenders, but must also be actively looking after, and supporting, the victims of crime.​

“When we have a self funded NGO that supports victims, one would hope that government ministers would want to work with them rather than disassociate from them,” says Baker.​

New Conservative calls on Mr Little to actively engage with SST. He may just learn a little more about justice.​

Leighton Baker, Leader
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