July 2018 - New Conservative NZ

Month: July 2018

Saving Kiwi Kids

No-one really sets out to end a baby’s life in the womb. However, poor choices, unexpected consequences, and changing circumstances mean that last year there were over 13,000 abortions in New Zealand. Little Kiwis lost.​ While it is heartening that this is well down on the high figures of over 18,000 from the early 2000’s,

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A Line Has Been Crossed

“A line was crossed today. Today marks a day when one of our most cherished ideals, that is, Free Speech, lost footing on an already slipping slope,” says New Conservative Deputy Leader, Elliot Ikilei. “The mayor of Auckland, Phil Goff, has determined, in his apparent wisdom, that,”Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux will not be speaking

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