August 2018 - New Conservative NZ

Month: August 2018

Families or Prisons

New Conservative stands with Garth McVicar as he courageously calls out the ignorance of our Justice Minister and the so-called ‘Justice Summit’. While alleging to be serious about cutting prison numbers by 30%, the government is still ignorant to the main drivers and environments of crime. New Conservative is unsure as to whether this ignorance

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Birth Certificate or Choice Certificate?

Last week the debate was about the impact of PC culture on freedom of speech. New Conservative is concerned we are about to go a step further with more PC madness. This week, a previously conservative, and usually unPC NZ First politician, has “come out” promoting a Bill making it possible to change gender on

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ACT and NZ First Missing the Point

New Conservative congratulates David Seymour for copying long-held New Conservative policy on key elements of the way government should be structured (as did NZ First in the run up to the last election). Both parties however are still missing the point. They still hold the belief that those elected have the right to overrule the

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Ethnicity Not The Problem

Maori and Pacifica have become the victims in the restrictions to Free Speech according to Deputy Leader of New Conservative, Elliot Ikilei. Last night at the University of Auckland a lively debate took place between supporters of a culture of free speech and those defending the PC culture. Elliot Ikilei, while not getting quite the

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Democracy an Endangered Species

Don Brash banned from attending Massey University by invitation to speak about his political career for fear he might say something someone didn’t agree with? Ridiculous! He is not known for threats or violence, but is a clear thinking, intelligent man. 86% of respondents to a Herald poll said they did not agree with such

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