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ACT and NZ First Missing the Point

New Conservative congratulates David Seymour for copying long-held New Conservative policy on key elements of the way government should be structured (as did NZ First in the run up to the last election).

Both parties however are still missing the point. They still hold the belief that those elected have the right to overrule the wishes of the people, even if a referendum on this matter is held.

In 1999, 81.5% of New Zealand voters told the government through a CITIZEN’s Initiated Referendum (with an excellent turnout of 82.8% of voters) that they wanted less government. ACT and NZ First still fail to recognise the voters have already spoken on this.

New Conservative intends to make ALL Referenda BINDING. Bottom line. New Zealand, your voice matters!

ACT would do well to consider copying our other policies for open democracy such as, replacing conscience voting with referenda, and linking any change in MP salaries to the change in the average wage in NZ, up or down. Government reforms should go further than ACT and NZ First propose.

“This morning David Seymour said that the main reason for reducing the number of MPs was to tighten government spending heading into tough times. Not only does he not go far enough, but he completely ignores the fact that voters demanded it nearly 2 decades ago, and 10s of millions of dollars have since been wasted,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader. “New Conservative wants to tidy up New Zealand’s democracy so the people’s voice is heard. Your Nation. Your Voice.”