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Families or Prisons

New Conservative stands with Garth McVicar as he courageously calls out the ignorance of our Justice Minister and the so-called ‘Justice Summit’.

While alleging to be serious about cutting prison numbers by 30%, the government is still ignorant to the main drivers and environments of crime. New Conservative is unsure as to whether this ignorance is wilful or otherwise.

What they should know is that Garth McVicar, who founded the Sensible Sentencing Trust, is generally regarded as New Zealand’s greatest advocate for victims of violence, rape, and other criminal offending. He was not invited onto Andrew Little’s panel, and yet remains the bold voice in the emptiness of the government’s hollow stances.

Thank you Garth McVicar and Sensible Sentencing Trust!

Strong families are led by a dad and a mum in a loving stable relationship, which in turn provides a safe, stable environment with boundaries that enable kids to grow with empathy, accountability and strength to succeed in life with respect and honour, resilience and verve, and with a stronger value on doing what is right.

How do we rebuild strong families?

How, when we have allowed that most precious word, “Family”, to have become so diluted that now any group of people living together can claim the name of this pillar.

We have watched the introduction of sex education in schools, then the development of sexuality education, and now the “Mates and Dates” (Google it parents!) programme. This misplaced ideology doesn’t work, and can’t work because deep down every kid wants and needs a mum and a dad who love them.

We have allowed a society that, in general, is self-centred, individualistic, undisciplined, purposeless, and knows no limits to self-gratification with little respect for others.
Reaping and sowing.
Cause and effect.

“It is no surprise families are falling apart and prisons are filling up,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader. “To rebuild a nation that values family, we must rebuild family values, and we must reward families who work to succeed, rather than those who fail.

“We can rebuild. While rehabilitation is of major importance to those in prison, identifying and reversing the causes of crime is of greater importance, and has greater effect in the longer term,” he concludes.

“Build families or build prisons” – Garth McVicar. New Conservative agrees.