September 2018 - New Conservative NZ

Month: September 2018

Let’s Listen to the Principal

The speech is appalling. The reality is worse… Virginia Crawford has been vilified for speaking truth into a dimly lit room that many of us would prefer to remain ignorant of. And New Conservative stands with the heart of Principal Crawford’s words. “Truancy is not usually a cause of the pain and misery we see

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Government Wrong Again. Return Authority to Teachers.

You never asked to have your parental authority suppressed…and the government suppressed your authority as parents. At a referendum, nearly 90% of you demanded that the law restricting parental authority be thrown out…and the government blatantly ignored you. This government believes that they are better than you at raising your child. Shutting down educational freedom,

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Freedom to Learn Te Reo

Kia ora koutou ki te wiki ō te reo Māori! It has been a wonderful week of celebrating te reo Māori, and the richness that comes with such a time. We are reminded of our similarities and embracing of our differences. In our classrooms we have te reo Māori intertwined within elements of study and

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