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Law Commission Ignores Most Pertinent Question

The Law Commission’s report to the Government on making abortion a health issue fails to answer the most pertinent question. “When does life start?”

Until scientific opinion on this is cemented in New Zealand law, we will continue to see the dishonest practice of renaming something to devalue it. In the case of abortion, the devalued one is called a foetus, which then allows it to be terminated.

Strangely enough the Duchess of York is not described as “Carrying a foetus,” but as “Having a baby.”

It seems that the only difference between a baby and a foetus is love.

Clearly identifying the child as a baby brings us to the honest point of asking the real question, which is: “When is it ok to kill a young New Zealander?”

“Abortion is not a victimless crime. There are two victims. It is terminal for one, and New Conservative believes that we should save both lives,” says Leader Leighton Baker