November 2018 - New Conservative NZ

Month: November 2018

PM to Submit to UN Control of Media and Free Speech

In signing the UN’s global Compact for Migration on Dec 10 this year, the PM will agree to restrict and control the media, and cede sovereignty to the UN. Paragraph 33(c) starts with the generic encouragement to “promote independent, objective and quality reporting of media outlets” and finishes with “in full respect for the freedom

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Santa is a Bloke!

Retaining Santa as a man is not discriminatory. It is merely stating the obvious, which is that although Men and Women are equal in value, they are different, and celebrating and enjoying the differences is not just OK but essential to valuing one another.​ This ideological tangent of the sexes being interchangeable and chosen is

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Pride or Santa Parade?

This week has seen the continuing fallout from the Auckland Pride parade debacle, with even more sponsors abandoning the parade promoting sexual diversity. This comes as ratepayers (Auckland Council) withdraws support for the Auckland Santa parade that for decades has been a source of family fun and excitement, an inclusive event for any and all.

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Firearm Breaches Need to be Subject to the Three Strikes Legislation

New Conservative is calling for firearm offences to be subject to three strikes legislation in light of the three incidents in 36 hours involving firearms in South Auckland. When 50 people are walking the streets with 3 or more firearms convictions, then the system is failing. It is obvious that police require extra resources for

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Government in Danger of Breaching Health and Safety Act

As PCBUs, government ministers are responsible to ensure that they eliminate, isolate or minimise hazards. Where they deliberately INCREASE the risk of serious harm from a significant hazard then they are in breach of the Act. Abortion is a significant hazard (something that causes serious harm). Serious harm is defined as an injury resulting in

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