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Pride or Santa Parade?

This week has seen the continuing fallout from the Auckland Pride parade debacle, with even more sponsors abandoning the parade promoting sexual diversity.

This comes as ratepayers (Auckland Council) withdraws support for the Auckland Santa parade that for decades has been a source of family fun and excitement, an inclusive event for any and all. Hundreds of thousands of people have lined the streets, roofs, balconies, perched on seats, shoulders, even lampposts, to be part of a parade free from graphic sexualisation, aggressive consumerism, or anti-family ideological messaging.

The Auckland ratepayer is, however, continuing to support giving funding to a parade that promotes the celebration of fringe sexual appetites. Pride parades often record very worrying photos of children within close proximity of those engaged in highly sexualised costumes and/or sexualised physical movements, and we have started to see children being marketed to here in New Zealand.

It is also concerning that Auckland ratepayers help fund the male-on-male orgy held during each Pride month, and that the ‘diversity’ spoken of is disappearing faster than assurances that marriage would not be redefined.

We propose that the rates currently used to help fund the increasingly insular and anti-family Pride parade instead go to a parade that has delighted generations of Aucklanders for 85 years, the parade that is the most inclusive and family friendly parade in Auckland.

“New Conservative calls for the Auckland City Council to join others and withdraw its sponsorship for the Pride parade, and instead, divert it to the Auckland Santa parade!” says Deputy Leader Elliot Ikilei