Santa is a Bloke! - New Conservative NZ

Santa is a Bloke!

Retaining Santa as a man is not discriminatory. It is merely stating the obvious, which is that although Men and Women are equal in value, they are different, and celebrating and enjoying the differences is not just OK but essential to valuing one another.​

This ideological tangent of the sexes being interchangeable and chosen is the worst form of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” as science, experience, and life, all teach us the same thing. They are different.​

As a nation we need the maturity to be able to celebrate the differences, the diversity, between the two sexes, and recognise the inherent strengths that each brings to society, not merge them into one grey, uniform mass.​

“Don’t let adult ideology spoil a great time for our kids. Leave Santa alone!” says New Conservative Party Leader, Leighton Baker.