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Month: December 2018

Cannabis referendum shows government disdain and distraction

No New Zealand government has ever honoured a Citizens’ Initiated Referendum, and yet today it was announced that yet another Government Referendum will be binding on us, the citizens. Which flag is cool, and getting stoned…these are the topics that you are allowed to decide on. Not the UN Migration Pact, not the increase in

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Deception and the UN Migration Pact

How long will we tolerate deception as the first stage in communication by the state to the people? We have become accustomed to deception coming from government, indeed deception has become a pattern for Labour-led governments, whenever a contentious issue arises of importance to New Zealanders. Labour assures us that it is in our best

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Link MP’s Salaries to Average Wage

It’s time to link parliamentary salaries to the average wage so that elected members are rewarded according to the benefit the country gains from their service. Members of Parliament’s remuneration has grown at a much faster rate than other public servants such as police and nurses, so it is obvious that the current system of

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Karel Sroubek and the Compact on Migration

Is Karel Sroubek a sign of things to come if the government signs the UN’s Global Compact on Migration? The government’s reluctance to renounce the migration compact, along with its reticence to remove Karel Sroubek from New Zealand, gives a very clear indication of what life might be like under this seemingly non-binding agreement. (Travelling

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Relationships and Mental Health

New Conservative is deeply concerned that this current government may not notice the elephant in the room . Their record of valuing and strengthening the natural family unit is abysmal, and their unwillingness to acknowledge the connection between escalating mental health problems and the breakdown of the family unit is shameful. A 2013 study on

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Winston Peters Please Stand Up

New Conservative demands that the deputy Prime Minister stands for the values he has claimed to have held over the last few decades. Just last year at a Wellington Chamber of Commerce meeting, Mr Peters said, “Most of the world is a hell hole, and if immigrants can get to New Zealand and escape their

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