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Winston Peters Please Stand Up

New Conservative demands that the deputy Prime Minister stands for the values he has claimed to have held over the last few decades.

Just last year at a Wellington Chamber of Commerce meeting, Mr Peters said, “Most of the world is a hell hole, and if immigrants can get to New Zealand and escape their own country, then they’ll do everything they can to do so.”

The UN Global Compact for Migration, scheduled to be signed by our government on December 10th, is nothing less than a precursor to the direct replacement of New Zealand sovereignty with UN sovereignty.

The document commits to restricting the media, redefining social welfare to give to non-citizens, funding of upskilling, drivers licensing, etc,‘encouraged’ acceptance of migrants and refugees, with little to no control, checks or balances.

This is the very door Mr Peters has claimed to be opposed to.

Surely these issues have been uppermost in Mr Peters’ campaigns, and now that he is in a position to influence these issues, he needs to deliver for the people of New Zealand who voted for him to do so.

He needs to keep his promises and put New Zealand first.

New Conservative recognises the important role that migration has and does play in New Zealand. We also need to learn from the outcomes in Europe and retain the right to choose who and how many people migrate here.

We earned our sovereignty and paid for it. And the quiet manner in which our sovereignty is being replaced is an affront to every proud New Zealander in this great nation.

“We stand. We oppose. And we put New Zealand first,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader.