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Relationships and Mental Health

New Conservative is deeply concerned that this current government may not notice the elephant in the room . Their record of valuing and strengthening the natural family unit is abysmal, and their unwillingness to acknowledge the connection between escalating mental health problems and the breakdown of the family unit is shameful.

A 2013 study on “Social Relationships and Depression” conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, showed a clear link between the “probability of major depression” and the “impairment of quality of social relationships.” The poorer the quality of relationships, the greater the probability of major depression.

Quality of relationships are a major contributing factor to mental wellness. The study also showed that the type of social relationship also affected depression risk.

“Poor overall quality of relationship with one’s spouse/partner and family members significantly and independently increased risk of depression. In contrast, the overall quality of relationships with friends did not independently predict subsequent depression.”

If the government is serious about addressing the high mental health needs in New Zealand, then it must invest in the nuclear family which affects health, wealth and quality of life.

“Mental health is nurtured in the home, and a healthy family is far more likely to result in healthy people,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader.

“We are committed to seeing quality relationships training in schools, marriages strengthened, and parents equipped and empowered. There are no quick fix solutions to long term neglect resulting in lamentable mental health statistics, but we must start by restoring the family unit,” he concludes.