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Link MP’s Salaries to Average Wage

It’s time to link parliamentary salaries to the average wage so that elected members are rewarded according to the benefit the country gains from their service.

Members of Parliament’s remuneration has grown at a much faster rate than other public servants such as police and nurses, so it is obvious that the current system of setting the salaries is biased towards MPs.

Linking to the average wage, rather than the minimum wage, means that there has to be growth across the board for New Zealand incomes, rather than an arbitrary rise in minimum wage levels, for MPs’ salaries to rise. Extra benefits would also need to be capped to block the unthinkable happening – of salary increases hidden in “bonuses” and “allowances”. An added advantage of this would be less need for a department to be engaged to set salaries.

“People stand for parliament due to a desire to serve the people of New Zealand, and remunerating them according to how successful they have been would seem fair and reasonable,” says New Conservative Leader, Leighton Baker.