Botany Betrayed. Mr Ross, Stand Down. - New Conservative NZ

Botany Betrayed. Mr Ross, Stand Down.

The new year has begun. New Conservative continues to move forward to strengthen and protect our home, our family, our nation.

New Conservative has been the vanguard, standing against the attacks on free speech, our sovereignty and the thickening fog of this current government’s claim of ‘transparency’.

Now, we confront another growing elephant in the room.


Since the dramatic events surrounding and following Jamie Lee Ross’s expulsion from the National party, there has been no voice and no advocate for the people of the Botany electorate.

Not only is there no voice or advocacy, it is understood that the now independent MP is still collecting thousands of taxpayer dollars every week for doing nothing as an MP. While the average worker may get two weeks sick pay, he has now enjoyed two months sick pay plus holiday pay.

And as a further act of betrayal, the Botany vote is currently controlled by none other than Winston Peters (the great proponent of the Waka Jumping Bill) and his party, as per the proxy vote taken in the last months of 2018.

This is unacceptable, and must be confronted.

“Jamie-Lee Ross, we are glad that things are better for you health-wise, and hope that you are putting in plans to strengthen yourself,” says Elliot Ikilei, Deputy Leader, New Conservative.

“With respect, we now call upon you to honour the people of Botany, and stand down.

“We call upon you to stand down and thus trigger a by-election, where the men and women of Botany will be able to reassess who will promote and protect their values, defend their voice and families, and stand with them.

“Stand down and accept assistance while you work through challenges.

“Or stand down, and, if you feel strong enough, join the campaign to place your values and vision before the people. Let them choose their servant, their voice, their advocate.

“We call upon you to resign your position that the people of Botany may choose their voice, not have their voice directed by NZ First policy.

“Honour the people of Botany, and do the right thing,” concludes Ikilei.