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West Coast Council Right to Ask For Facts

Accountability to ratepayers has become a rare event for Councils, therefore West Coast Regional Council need to be applauded for their challenge of the government’s Zero Carbon Bill.

“It is critical that every expenditure that commits money collected from New Zealanders as rates or tax is satisfactorily accounted for,” says New Conservative Leader, Leighton Baker.

“West Coast Regional Council has reflected the type of governance that New Zealand should be expecting by challenging the status quo and demanding information on decisions that impact their lives.“

New Conservative backs the West Coast Council and their prudent approach to the issue of environmental protection.

Despite around $1.4Bl of New Zealand taxpayer money disappearing annually into the ether of Carbon Credits, there has been no notified effect on greenhouse gases or global warming.

It’s time New Zealand really did become an environmental Global leader by re-directing those carbon credits to directly target identified pollution.

“$1.4 billion invested into universities and research institutes would produce results that could very likely change the world and make NZ a world leader in innovative ways of reducing pollution,” says Leighton.

The west Coast would, no doubt, welcome some of that money into research on alternatives to 1080, construction of waste incinerators, saving landfills and creating energy.

Turning bio-waste into bio-fuel, research into zero emission coal and gas plants, expanding use of renewables and alternative energy sources are all topics that could get serious consideration instead of buying carbon credits which are really just a fine for not meeting agreed targets.

“The West Coast council are looking after their constituents and the New Zealand government and others elected by ratepayers could learn from that,” concludes Leighton Baker.