March 2019 - New Conservative NZ

Month: March 2019

Free Speech

In this new environment of highly manipulated fear, free speech is again coming under focused attack, and our overall freedom now trembles. Last August, the Auckland Council shut down publicly funded venues to host two speakers who were unpopular with the Left, with the PM stating that, “Their views are not those that are shared

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Let Wisdom Govern, Not Emotion

Yesterday we gathered together to remember fifty lives snatched away by a coward; we note that the coward ran away from a brave man armed with a credit card machine. After this horrific event, there were outpourings of high emotion throughout our nation – fear, anger, disgust, sadness. Vigils were held, prayer groups of different

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Prayers and Acknowledgement

New Conservative extends its heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the families of those shot today in Christchurch. Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern is correct in stating that it is a dark day for New Zealand, and all New Zealanders should be able to go about their lawful business without fear of violence and harm. “We want

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