Community - The Strength of New Zealand - New Conservative NZ

Community – The Strength of New Zealand

New Conservative believes in the community of New Zealand and today launches its community policy that will focus on unity.

Family, Justice, Democracy, and now Community. The policy pillars of New Conservative are complete.

“New Zealanders have demonstrated, again and again, that when we work together focusing on what unifies us, there is nothing we cannot overcome,” says Leighton Baker, Leader of New Conservative.

The community policy covers:
> The Treaty of Waitangi
> The societal value of women and men
> Free Speech
> Gender
> Religion

New Conservative is uniquely positioned in the political landscape and will implement policy that unifies rather than separates. Current legislation is increasingly creating separation within our communities.

“Tolerance, respect and understanding cannot be legislated,” says Baker. “These are human conditions that arise from a society that is inclusive, collaborative and aspirational.”

Successive governments have continued to implement policy that is based upon categories such as ethnicity rather than the actual need, and the factors that have created that need.

“Despite increasing evidence these policies are failing our most vulnerable, we do not see any political party willing to make tangible changes.

“Elected representatives have failed our communities by not recognising the real drivers of poverty, such as family breakdown and drug abuse,” says Baker. “They deserve constructive legislation that delivers real opportunity for everyone to reach their potential.”