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New Conservative WIll Repeal Gun Law Changes

New Conservative leader Leighton Baker has labelled the farcical select committee process on firearm reform as rushed and undemocratic, and says that New Conservative would repeal any new law resulting from this, and allow all interested parties the opportunity to develop robust law, through proper consultation, when elected to Parliament next year.

It is appalling that after the March 15 tragedy, the proposed reforms don’t even deal with the failures that allowed Tarrant the opportunity to gain both a firearms license, and firearms, and go on to slaughter innocent citizens. What is also disturbing is that the government would use this tragedy to unnecessarily rush through legislation, without proper consultation, and without allowing many interested parties to speak to the bill.

It seemed that the select committee’s response to any concerns was to attack the submitter rather than address the issues raised, no doubt a direct result of time pressure..

Tens of thousands of law abiding, tax paying citizens will be turned into criminals because due process was spurned, and that is simply unacceptable from a government charged with representing the people. And to the murderer’s delight, the number of victims will increase exponentially.

If gangs refuse to hand in guns, if penalties for use of firearm infringements are not increased, and if the government refuses to listen to those most affected, then the only thing this law has achieved is to placate the emotionally compromised by blaming the guns and incriminating licensed gun owners.

Good law should be clearly defined, easy to enforce, and fair to the populace. This law does not meet that threshold and sets a dangerous precedent of rushed legislation.

“New Conservative calls on the government to follow due process resulting in a law that is well thought out, achieves its purpose, and does not criminalise responsible and willingly accountable citizens who have committed no crime,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader.