May 2019 - New Conservative NZ

Month: May 2019

New Conservative Welcomes Focus on Mental Health

New Conservative acknowledges the huge challenges that we face as a nation in the area of mental health and welcomes the Government’s budgeted commitment to address this challenge directly. Our question to the government, however, is, “Are you spending this money on bottom of the cliff responses or top of the cliff preventions?” Bottom of

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Will We Lose What We Died For?

The current prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, continued our new journey into fear and growth of state control when she met with one of her political allies, Emmanuel Macron, himself facing weekly protests over the last 6 months for implementation of Progressivism, to co-chair a meeting on social media regulation. The current rulers of New Zealand,

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New Conservative Firearms Policy

Following several months of discussions with key people in the firearms community, New Conservative today releases its Firearms Policy to support the 250,000 firearms licence holders in New Zealand. Our government unnecessarily rushed through their firearms reforms without proper consultation, which means that we have aviation safety personnel threatened with arrest for simply protecting aircraft,

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