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Will We Lose What We Died For?

The current prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, continued our new journey into fear and growth of state control when she met with one of her political allies, Emmanuel Macron, himself facing weekly protests over the last 6 months for implementation of Progressivism, to co-chair a meeting on social media regulation.

The current rulers of New Zealand, Labour, Green and NZF, have reacted with great emotion, exploiting the pain and emotion of the Christchurch murders to use the licensed firearms community as a punching bag for those wanting an emotional release.

Indeed, the reports of armed police and police raids on this community are becoming so numerous that clips are now shared on social media to allow for actual transparency, in lieu of government transparency.

Politicians who previously spoke on redefining free speech have now put their support behind a review of so called ‘hate speech’ laws.

And our current ruler, Jacinda Ardern, very specifically did not rule out banning the major social media provider, Facebook, over her desire to regulate.

New Conservative was the first political party to oppose the shutting down of public venues for free speech last year, the first to oppose the signing of the UN document that would redefine free speech, the first to call out Andrew Little’s desire to criminalise forms of free speech.

“At every attempt to regulate speech, New Conservative has stood the post,” says Deputy Leader, Elliot Ikilei. “We stand and defend the sacrifices our fathers made yesterday, so that our children will be free tomorrow. This push comes as we see an expansion of state control through police raids on innocent families and law changes made in days, with certain politicians inflating their own egos at the expense of the very freedoms that this nation was built on.

“New Conservative will ensure that free speech in New Zealand remains free, in order to allow ideological engagement and robust debate, to give citizens the right to hear all information in order to make properly informed decisions in the spirit of true democracy,” Ikilei concludes.
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