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Month: June 2019

Will Government Insist on Passing Poor Law?

With the second reading of the “End of Life Choice Bill” today, the public are left wondering if all the effort to make a submission to the Select Committee was worth it. Of the 38,000 submissions, 91.8 per cent are opposed, and 93.5 per cent of medical practitioners are against the law. While we understand

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Gun Buyback? Police State.

The government’s firearm buy back scheme is not just bullying and unfair, it uses the New Zealand police to force its draconian law on law abiding New Zealanders, who are already feeling cheated and manipulated by this process. Being forced into handing over your own property, watch it be destroyed, then told what you will

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Hate Speech? Or Speech they Hate!

It is not hate speech that is being banned, but speech that the Left hate. New Conservative has received a large amount of interest over the last few weeks but in the last 24 hours on-line subscriptions and members have spiked to an all time high. The reason is primarily because social media platforms and

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One Third of Voters may Vote Conservative

New Conservative is pleased that the recent poll, that suggests nearly one third of voters would consider supporting a Conservative party, is confirming what it has suspected for some time. “Our consistent rise in social media likes, shares, and engagements, has been indicating to us for some time that there are a significant number of

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Government to Establish Ministry for Men

New Conservative is demanding that the government establish a Ministry for Men in New Zealand to ensure the well-being of all is being addressed. The NZ Medical Journal, Oct 6, 2017 stated: “For heart disease, stroke, and to a lesser degree of modifiable lifestyle change, cancer, studies of women’s health outnumbers men’s health by two

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