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Government to Establish Ministry for Men

New Conservative is demanding that the government establish a Ministry for Men in New Zealand to ensure the well-being of all is being addressed.

The NZ Medical Journal, Oct 6, 2017 stated: “For heart disease, stroke, and to a lesser degree of modifiable lifestyle change, cancer, studies of women’s health outnumbers men’s health by two to one…A further search was made of Health Research Council funding since 2010… to identify sex-specific funding. The search revealed that for every $1 spent exclusively on women’s health research, men’s health research received $0.06.” (Emphasis added)

“Men are over represented in so many negative statistics including prison population, suicides, homelessness, addictions, yet research into men’s health only receives 6% of women’s health research funding. This is inequitable and must change,” says Leighton Baker, Leader of New Conservative.

We are challenging the government to allocate funding from the $1.9B set aside for mental health, to specifically address men’s mental health requirements, and in particular men’s coping mechanisms for dealing with the challenges of 21st century living.

The cost to New Zealand for not dealing with men’s mental health is huge as it affects many outcomes including crime, fatherless homes, productivity, physical health, suicide, and more.

Our Community Policy includes:

“New Conservative recognises the value of men as husbands and fathers in the lives of their children and will correct any deficiencies and gender discrimination in the family courts. New Conservative will continue to drive policy that protects individuals from discrimination based upon gender.”

The issues facing men have become ignored and balanced representation is long overdue.

A dedicated Ministry for Men will benefit our communities by addressing so many issues that are being faced by men, including shortcomings in the family court system that has consistently undervalued the value of a father in the family unit.

“When focusing on well-being this must involve consideration of the well-being of all groups in society. Society requires mentally healthy men fulfilling their roles, and it is essential there is investment to provide balance,” says Baker.