One Third of Voters may Vote Conservative - New Conservative NZ

One Third of Voters may Vote Conservative

New Conservative is pleased that the recent poll, that suggests nearly one third of voters would consider supporting a Conservative party, is confirming what it has suspected for some time.

“Our consistent rise in social media likes, shares, and engagements, has been indicating to us for some time that there are a significant number of people looking for a party with strong family values, and a belief in personal responsibility,” says New Conservative Leader, Leighton Baker.

New Conservative’s clear and sensible policies, along with its strong stand on social issues, have provided a party with backbone, clear intentions, and common sense, which has given hope to a population looking for answers.

Government’s role is to protect and enable, not control and dictate, and it is the move towards the latter which has many New Zealand voters concerned. Gun control with no consultation, promise of compensation without even knowing how many guns there are, media restrictions on speech and publications, and artificial restrictions on businesses and industry, are all causes for concern to Kiwis who just want to get on with their lives and support their families.

The key to recent polls is the issues that are important to voters, not who has the headlines. This is very evident in the majority of people not supporting the legalisation of cannabis – as New Conservative has been strongly opposing for some time.

“The recent trend towards Conservative policies worldwide is because they work,” says Baker.