Gun Buyback? Police State. - New Conservative NZ

Gun Buyback? Police State.

The government’s firearm buy back scheme is not just bullying and unfair, it uses the New Zealand police to force its draconian law on law abiding New Zealanders, who are already feeling cheated and manipulated by this process.

Being forced into handing over your own property, watch it be destroyed, then told what you will get for it is neither fair nor just.

New Conservative demands that this Labour, Green, NZF government do what is right, proper, decent and moral, and rethink the process.

It would be far more democratic and fair to publish the gun valuation document, which they must already have, for consultation and comment so that people are comfortable and confident that they will be getting fairly remunerated for their confiscated assets at handover time.

New Conservative believes that the firearms amendment act has been poorly formed and enacted, but this process for confiscating firearms looks more like an Orwellian police state than the fair, free, and flourishing New Zealand we all desire.

“We urge the government re-think their attitude towards law abiding firearms owners and treat them with respect and justice,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader.