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Month: July 2019

Bad Law Creates Fall Out

Challenges continue to come from the rushed changes to the Arms Act that has placed the NZ Police in a compromised position. “The internal dialogue with the Police Association and its members has been dragged into a public arena, which does not bring confidence for the public,” observes New Conservative leader Leighton Baker. “The level

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Ihumātao – Disrespect of Whenua? Or Whānau?

The deal that was struck between Te Kawerau ā Maki, the mana whenua of Ihumātao, and Fletchers, via the chosen and mandated negotiator, Te Warena Taua, was a deal of mana and of sustainability, both for the archeological site and for the families who will have a chance at gaining quality development. As matua Te

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Government Must do More to Support Israel

Relationships between Israel and New Zealand continue to be damaged by our current government and there continues to be a failure to appropriately support the Jewish community. Publications like Immigration New Zealand’s State of Palestine Refugee Quota fact sheet on the area that completely omitted Israel, and Labour members support for BDS are prime examples.

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Fear Used to Force Law Changes

Announcement today by the Prime Minister of further gun law reform is being shrouded by fear, so that scrutiny of the law is seen as an affront to the victims of the horror attack in March. The Prime Minister acknowledged in her announcement that previous law reform has failed, citing the tragedy as justification for

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Law Abiding Citizens Let Down Again

With the Government’s firearm buyback scheme starting to draw over 30,000 police man hours away from fighting crime, the safety of law abiding citizens is being compromised. The rushed legislation that has resulted in legal gun owners effectively being turned into criminals will have a further impact by stretching Police resources. “We are not being

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Prisons Need Full Body Scanners

Drug infiltration into our maximum security prisons is putting prisoners and staff at unnecessary risk, and one tool that would be of huge benefit is a full body scanner. Giving officers the ability to check for, and halt, the influx of drugs into our prisons, needs to be a priority for any government concerned about

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