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Prisons Need Full Body Scanners

Drug infiltration into our maximum security prisons is putting prisoners and staff at unnecessary risk, and one tool that would be of huge benefit is a full body scanner.

Giving officers the ability to check for, and halt, the influx of drugs into our prisons, needs to be a priority for any government concerned about the wellbeing of staff and inmates.

Drugs are often the underground currency in prison and are used to gain gang membership, control other inmates, and ensure allegiance.

New Conservative wants our prisons to be places where people are reformed and equipped to lead a law abiding life upon release, not a place to be enlisted into gangs and addicted.

“Slushy machines may be nice in summer, but full body scanners are a tool that can work year round in our prisons,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader.

Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader
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