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Month: August 2019

Water or Unity?

Freshwater has become yet another opportunity to divide New Zealand by ethnicity arising from the Waitangi Tribunal report released yesterday. The report recommends to Government the creation of a co-governance commission with Maori along with “proprietary recognition” such as royalty payments.[1] “Water is the lifeblood of all people, and ownership, or any level of control

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Link Parliamentary Salaries to Average Wage

New Conservative is calling for parliamentary salaries to be linked to the average wage so that any increases are fair and reflect the influence the government is having on the country’s economy. If the economy slumps and the average wage drops, so do MPs’ salaries. Linking salaries to the average wage eliminates the need for

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Another Child Homicide

The death of another innocent baby reported last night is an indictment on this government’s ability to provide fundamental protection to the sanctity of human life. “Worrying more about cultural sensitivities than human life our MPs are placing more children at risk,” says Elliot Ikilei, New Conservative Deputy Leader. Successive governments have continued to have

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Inconvenience Brings Capital Punishment

Parliament has yet again failed to represent the will of the people, reflected in a NewsHub poll showing 75% opposition to this Bill, in passing the Abortion Legislation Bill through its first reading. Labour’s fast track programme will be further failing democracy if it does not deal with this through a binding referendum, according to

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Government Abandons Construction Industry

Government has demonstrated its contempt for developers and the construction industry in its handling of the Ihumātao protest. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has this morning tried to simplify this issue, suggesting it is about talks between Maori who are seeking a “for Maori by Maori solution.” She has said the Government’s role is to support

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More to Trade Training Than Funding

New Conservative is pleased that the government is acknowledging the importance of trade training. The importance of skilled, qualified tradespeople is a priority for New Zealand and addressing the shortage has broad benefits. “There is an opportunity here to totally transform how we treat and value the trades and how we can use the trades

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