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Inconvenience Brings Capital Punishment

Parliament has yet again failed to represent the will of the people, reflected in a NewsHub poll showing 75% opposition to this Bill, in passing the Abortion Legislation Bill through its first reading. Labour’s fast track programme will be further failing democracy if it does not deal with this through a binding referendum, according to comments by Leighton Baker, New Conservative leader.

New Conservative has continued to voice its condemnation of the government’s call to make abortions a health issue as it ignores the execution of the unborn child.

Many of the key members of the New Conservative leadership team, working with Leighton Baker, have extensive experience working with at risk youth and vulnerable women and are able to clarify why this legislation must be challenged both for its content and the undemocratic speed with which it has been driven.

“There are significant costs and effects an unwanted pregnancy has on the mother involved when there is a decision to abort. For the baby, that decision is terminal and irreversible, yet the baby has no choice or voice,” says New Conservative child welfare spokesperson Mel Taylor.

The premise of the law change is to effectively make the path to abortion easier through decriminalisation. The statistics on abortion in New Zealand are already unacceptable, making the inference that Parliament today is seeking to increase these numbers.

“Past efforts to protect women from finding themselves in this situation have been ineffective,” reflects Mel Taylor, “or to ensure every possible option is available that would empower women to make a better choice than ending another life.”

The foundation of this legislation is the premise that women have the right to choose and be in control of their bodies. “This issue is not as complex as the campaigners wants us to believe,” clarifies Mel Taylor. “Sex makes babies. If you don’t want a baby, choose not to have sex, or choose to use one of the readily available contraceptives. If you choose to have sex, and do get pregnant, don’t kill the baby because of choices you may have come to regret.”

New Conservative would like to make abortion rare in New Zealand, where it is reserved for those horrendous life and death situations, not, as this legislation would achieve, as the ultimate alternative to poor choices.

Abortion on demand ignores the scientific and medical evidence that life begins at conception and thereafter is just development. The Reforms also fail to acknowledge that the emotional, mental, and physical harm to women after an abortion do not relate to feelings of criminality or otherwise, but to the realisation that their choice has ended a human life, their own flesh and blood.

“Making abortion rare will be better for women’s health, afford us far greater protection and welfare, and raise the value of children in general. It will also give young New Zealanders the chance to be part of our great nation; it is a win-win outcome rather than the lose-lose tragedy that on-demand abortion delivers,” concludes Mel Taylor.

Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader
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