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Another Child Homicide

The death of another innocent baby reported last night is an indictment on this government’s ability to provide fundamental protection to the sanctity of human life.

“Worrying more about cultural sensitivities than human life our MPs are placing more children at risk,” says Elliot Ikilei, New Conservative Deputy Leader.

Successive governments have continued to have conversations about the appalling statistics in New Zealand with regard to child murder, abuse, and failure to provide the necessities of life, while doing little to implement effective change.

With nearly 20 years of experience working with at risk youth and damaged, vulnerable children, Elliot Ikilei is demanding that there is priority given to what really matters.

“This government has spent more time debating single use plastic bags and legalising cannabis, than it has on the wellbeing of our children,” continues Elliot Ikilei.

When recently confronted with the potential of harm to whanau in the process of child uplifts by Oranga Tamariki, government MPs rallied to receive petitions demanding the practice should be stopped, disempowering the one agency working to protect innocent lives.

Mr Ikilei refers also to the recent commitment to the liberalising of abortion laws where this government is reinforcing the idea that new life can be seen as a disposable inconvenience.

“Our babies need protection which sometimes means urgent intervention, and this government needs to be sending a clear message that every young life is precious,” demands Elliot.

New Conservative is committed to providing an independent complaints authority for Oranga Tamariki, and retaining the capability of immediate intervention.

In 2016 New Zealanders all over the country took to the streets demanding there would never be another baby Moko. There have been six children murdered this year and on average one child is murdered every 5 weeks. To the year ending March 2018 there were nearly 14,000 cases of child abuse substantiated, and over 13,000 babies killed in the womb.

“The solutions are not easy but they are achievable,” concludes Elliot. “However, it requires politicians who understand the realities of life for our most vulnerable, and who are more interested in making a difference than being popular.”