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No 1080 for Wellington – or New Zealand

Predator-Free Wellington’s ambitious goal of being the world’s first predator-free capital is not reliant on 1080; they are using traps, and while the politicians in Wellington tell the rest of New Zealand that 1080 is a great option, it’s obviously not desired in their own back yard.

New Conservative is calling for the replacement of 1080 throughout NZ, with traps for a number of reasons:

1. It is more humane.
2. You can harvest both the meat and the pelts.
3. It does not pollute our environment.
4. There are no unintended kills.
5. You can target and monitor accurately.
6. You can maintain a treated zone and monitor activity without a nine monthly cycle.
7. There is no with-holding period.

1080 is a toxin that dilutes, not dissolves, travelling through ecosystems and waterways. The only reasons we use it in New Zealand is that it is cheap and we have few native mammals.

New Conservative propose to redirect funds from carbon credits to target specific areas of pollution in New Zealand, with one of those areas being replacing 1080 with traps.

Trapping would provide an industry for rural New Zealand, utilise New Zealand technology, and restore back some of our clean, green image.

“There is no 1080 for Wellington, there should be none for the rest of New Zealand either,” says New Conservative Leader, Leighton Baker.