Botany Deserves More in 2020 - New Conservative NZ

Botany Deserves More in 2020

Botany is an electorate that deserves a representative who is committed to their community which is the reason New Conservative has confirmed Elliot Ikilei as the candidate for the 2020 election.

With the recent announcement that Christopher Luxon will be seeking the National Party nomination for the Botany electorate it highlights the situation in this community. [1]

“Candidate nominations are increasingly becoming part of political manoeuvring rather than real representation for their communities,” says New Conservative leader Leighton Baker.

New Conservative announced the first four electorate candidates at their recent Annual Conference, and the expectation of genuine community representation was highlighted in these announcements.

“With the process around list MPs, and the ability to create government with more list MPs than electorate MPs, as we have now, it has highlighted that electorates need to be assured of representatives that will prioritise the communities that elected them,” observes Mr Baker.

In addition to Elliot Ikilei New Conservative has announced:
Deborah Burnside, Napier
Helen Houghton, Christchurch East
Mel Taylor, Northland

“Our selection process included consideration of the connection our candidates have with their local community and the team they have built around them in their electorates,” explains Mr Baker.

The poll results released recently have emphasized the importance of coalition partners and, with New Conservative tracking in line with the other minor parties, the electorate representation will be a priority. [2]