November 2019 - New Conservative NZ

Month: November 2019

The Destructive Religion of Julie-Anne Genter

The Green MP’s call for ACC to divest of its $1Bl investment in fossil fuels overlooks a few basic truths clearly understood by New Conservative and the average New Zealander. No 1 is that 80% of the world’s energy comes from fossil fuels. It is an economically sound investment, and seeing as ACC is charged

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Government Creating Homelessness

The Labour led coalition government is continuing to create homelessness. The impact of immigration, failure of Kiwibuild, and attacks on the rental market, have resulted in the opposite outcomes that New Zealanders were promised. With 56,000 new immigrants last year, less than 300 houses built by Kiwibuild, and decreasing rental property availability due to government

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Curtailing the CO2 Gravy Train

Standing with the farmers, New Conservative is committed to pushing back against the lunacy of the ETS and Carbon Zero commitments by this government.  New Conservative is concerned the Carbon Zero Bill will have little, if any, measurable benefits to New Zealand, while at the same time seriously impinge on the sustainability of our food

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New Conservative says NO to Zero Carbon Tax

We are destroying our economy and making no difference to our ecology through carbon trading. This is poor governance and must stop. The beaches we visited forty years ago are the same now as they were then, we are not drowning, our seas are not encroaching and, even if they were, paying $25 PT for

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