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New Conservative says NO to Zero Carbon Tax

We are destroying our economy and making no difference to our ecology through carbon trading. This is poor governance and must stop. The beaches we visited forty years ago are the same now as they were then, we are not drowning, our seas are not encroaching and, even if they were, paying $25 PT for carbon will not stop them.

“New Conservative would remove New Zealand from the Paris Agreement 2015, stop the wasteful ETS and concentrate on pollution reduction rather than carbon control,” says Leighton Baker, Party Leader.

“Carbon is an essential element for life and the climate hysteria over its alleged catastrophe causing characteristics is unwarranted, unnecessary and counterproductive.”

New Conservative’s plan for the environment is practical, sensible, achievable and sustainable:
* No more subsidies for forestry. Plant them if the figures stack up.
* Invest in research and development for solutions for pollution and export those solutions to really impact the world.
* Replace 1080 with trapping and hunting with urgency to eliminate this poison from our environment.
* Work with other countries who have developed efficient systems for irrigation, such as Israel.
* Recognise the value to the economy through farming as well as the huge efforts the industry has made in fencing off
waterways and riparian planting.
* Allow the West Coast to build their Hydro electric scheme.
* Improve the standard of insulation and ventilation in New builds to reduce future energy requirements.
* Invest in waste to energy plants rather than landfills.
* Allow regions more autonomy so that they can decide what is important to their population.
“The net zero carbon bill will have net zero benefits.. Dump it now and act practically for our environment,” says Baker.