December 2019 - New Conservative NZ

Month: December 2019

Conservative Win is a Victory for Democracy

Brexit is taking its toll on the people of Britain as the politicians charged with representing them have continually failed to honour the referendum and the expressed desire of the voting population. In New Zealand we know how that feels as no government in New Zealand has ever honoured a citizens initiated referendum. Yes we

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Legalised Dope. Another Nail in the Coffin for Small Business.

Small business owners are struggling in New Zealand. They have a business to run, services to provide, and staff to employ, as well as the everyday issues of family, health and finances. What makes businesses so hard to run in New Zealand is the ever increasing compliance and documentation. Now we have a government excited

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Free Speech Almost Gone!

At the Labour Party conference, Andrew Little finally admitted what many have suspected for months. That the current government seeks to expand state control over speech in our nation. Over the weekend, Andrew Little declared that, “We need to signal in our law what is acceptable and what is not acceptable,” and that the Human

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State Places Firearms Owners at Direct Risk, Again!

The confirmation by NZ Police today, of a massive data breach making public the details of firearms owners who have either already turned in prohibited items, or registered their information with police to notify them of prohibited items, is just the latest example of why the administration of the Arms Act needs to be removed

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