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State Places Firearms Owners at Direct Risk, Again!

The confirmation by NZ Police today, of a massive data breach making public the details of firearms owners who have either already turned in prohibited items, or registered their information with police to notify them of prohibited items, is just the latest example of why the administration of the Arms Act needs to be removed from NZ Police.

Of the 70,000 firearms owners who had their information made public, around 33,000 had given their details to police to notify police of prohibited items in their possession. This included people who have large collections that would be unsuitable to bring to a collection event.

The police and this government have placed the law-abiding firearms community in direct danger, again.

“This is a massive betrayal of what remains of the trust that NZ firearms owners had in the police,” says NC Firearms spokesperson Victoria O’Brien. “We did what was required of us and the police have now placed our homes and families at risk.

“Will police provide armed security to everyone whose details have been released, to protect them against criminal home invasions?”

New Conservative demands a repeal of the Firearms Law amendments, that appropriate democratic processes and consultation occur, that the inquiry into the processes around the murderer be made public, and that the administration of licensed firearms owners be removed from NZ Police and conducted by an independent agency.
Victoria O’Brien, New Conservative Firearms Spokesperson