Conservative Win is a Victory for Democracy - New Conservative NZ

Conservative Win is a Victory for Democracy

Brexit is taking its toll on the people of Britain as the politicians charged with representing them have continually failed to honour the referendum and the expressed desire of the voting population.

In New Zealand we know how that feels as no government in New Zealand has ever honoured a citizens initiated referendum. Yes we got to choose the flag, but that was PM initiated, not Citizen initiated.

Boris Johnson’s commitment to withdraw the UK from the EU has taken a massive step forward with the clear majority gained in yesterday’s election, but no doubt the games and stalling will continue as vested interests will seek to corrupt democracy to suit their own agendas.

Most of us outside of parliament only get paid by doing what either our clients or employers ask of us, which makes it even more frustrating when people, whose only job is to represent the people who elected them, decide that they will overrule or ignore them.

New Conservative is calling for Citizens Initiated Referenda to be binding so that the population has some way of controlling the government when required between elections. Making referenda binding means that we can all feel heard, even if we are not in the majority. 

“As has been said before, ‘We will discuss with words, or we will discuss with force,’ and I would prefer an open democracy to the distress we see in Hong Kong,” says Leighton Baker, New Conservative Leader.

Back in the UK, the population has made it clear that they want action on Brexit. We can only hope that their elected representatives understand their responsibility to represent, and get on with the job at hand.