January 2020 - New Conservative NZ

Month: January 2020

Protect Our People From 2019-nCoV

With the escalation of the SARS-related, Wuhan coronavirus, we must protect our people. The state-funded RNZ reports that in the coming weeks visitors from Wuhan will begin arriving into New Zealand, while the “Ministry of Health says there are currently no restrictions on travel or border screening in New Zealand and the risk here is

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The UN.

Helen Clarke has reported that the UN is under threat as the US has cut some funding. We need to ask why it has cut funding, and if that is because the UN has moved on from its initial function, which was to promote world peace. From an outsider’s perspective it seems that the UN,

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Government Persecutions Making us Less Safe

We are less than 3 weeks into the 2020 new year and exactly a full month after the end of the Government’s amnesty for Prohibited Firearms.  Already, New Zealanders are seeing an escalation in illegal firearms violence alongside the persecution of licensed owners. The number of mainstream media-reported illegal firearms incidents in the last week

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Climate Education in Schools a Disaster

Training children about a climate emergency under the current format will be a disaster as the government is giving false hope to our children that they can control the climate – when they can’t. Teach pollution reduction, teach care of the environment, teach waste pathways, but to deliberately direct children into believing the deception that

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Unnecessary Waste of Resources on Firearms Ideology

Last night twelve armed police officers raided the home of a young family with a newborn child. No police record and no criminal convictions. The reason for going to the trouble of getting a search warrant and sending twelve officers? A photo from a year ago that showed the young father with a lever action

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