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Unnecessary Waste of Resources on Firearms Ideology

Last night twelve armed police officers raided the home of a young family with a newborn child.

No police record and no criminal convictions.

The reason for going to the trouble of getting a search warrant and sending twelve officers? A photo from a year ago that showed the young father with a lever action .22. A rabbit rifle.

Not an assault rifle, not threatening anyone, not militarised, just an ordinary everyday .22 that wasn’t illegal when the photo was taken. Gangs have openly said that they will not hand in their firearms, we have record drug busts at the borders, and we struggle to get police to attend to burglaries.

Yet somehow twelve armed officers are justified in searching through a law-abiding citizen’s house for a .22.

This is not good policing, this is not efficient use of resources, this is political puppetry of the police force and must stop.  What is wrong with a simple phone call asking if he still had the firearm and if so why had he not handed it in? 

Five minutes for one officer rather than one hour for Twelve.

New Conservative are alarmed that the police are being utilised politically as this person is a conservative blogger and there is no other reason to target him. Police are losing their hard-won respect with law-abiding New Zealanders when ordered to attend such cases, with not only the absolute waste of resources, but the clear abuse of power.

We are losing our freedoms and our democracy.

And fyi…he no longer had the firearm…

Stand for Freedom, Stand for Family.

Stand with New Conservative.

And let’s fix this.