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Climate Education in Schools a Disaster

Training children about a climate emergency under the current format will be a disaster as the government is giving false hope to our children that they can control the climate – when they can’t.

Teach pollution reduction, teach care of the environment, teach waste pathways, but to deliberately direct children into believing the deception that reducing their carbon footprint will somehow save the planet from heating is neither scientific nor respectful of history.

History shows that the world’s climate has heated and cooled dramatically before humans had any significant influence. Therefore, in spite of any of man’s efforts, it will do the same again.

In New Zealand, where we contribute an infinitesimally small amount to global emissions, we could easily cripple our economy in a futile and ineffective effort to limit carbon emissions, when in fact, there is also a very real chance of New Zealand being carbon neutral already, if we accounted for all of our plant growth, not just exotic forests.

School is a place to encourage students to build critical thinking for themselves, and provide them hope for the future. We should be challenging them to think of ways they can reduce their own environmental footprint, as well as being creative about pollution solutions.

Letting students know that they can change the world by creating a new solution to plastic disposal, nitrate absorption, power generation, plant growth, etc, is far more beneficial than the dark cloud of ‘imminent death unless…’

“New Conservative will exit from the UN-directed accords and propose an alternative to paying carbon fines through carbon credits by investing in our universities and research institutes to discover pollution solutions, and then export those solutions as our nation’s contribution to the rest of the world,” says Leighton Baker, Party Leader.