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Government Persecutions Making us Less Safe

We are less than 3 weeks into the 2020 new year and exactly a full month after the end of the Government’s amnesty for Prohibited Firearms. 

Already, New Zealanders are seeing an escalation in illegal firearms violence alongside the persecution of licensed owners.

The number of mainstream media-reported illegal firearms incidents in the last week alone is alarming:

12th January: 2 dead in Castlepoint, near Masterton
15th January: 1 dead in Favona, South Auckland
16th January: Drive-by shooting at an empty car, Sydenham, Christchurch
18th January: Group altercation with gunshots, Ruatoria, north of Gisborne
19th January: 2 injured in Hawkes Bay gang fight

It is blatantly obvious that, instead of making New Zealand safer, the firearms law changes that bull-dozed over the legal firearms community have made New Zealand a more dangerous place.

The criminal network is now allegedly offering up to 10 times what they were previously offering for now-prohibited semi-automatic rifles, with an informant calling those items “massively tradable”.

Gang members openly post photos of their illegal semi-automatic rifles and other firearms, posing with them, on their social media pages.

Meanwhile on 9th January, an outspoken conservative Christian with a firearms licence was raided by 12 armed police at his home. They were looking for a prohibited magazine that could have been used with his 22lr lever-action “bunny gun”, that he had written to Parliament about in a submission on the then-proposed firearms laws changes early last year. Unsurprisingly, no illegal firearms or parts were found but the young family was left shaken and their trust in police destroyed.

Mainstream media reported this outrageous raid as being against a “far right activist”, whose only crime appears to have been holding nationalist views.

Some New Zealanders are known to have already lost their firearms licences due to their political views.

“New Conservative is committed to upholding our rights to free speech, lawful process and repealing the new firearms laws. We are outspokenly nationalist and believe that NZ has a unique culture and heritage that must be protected.

“With an election due in about 9 months we, as proud New Zealanders, face a critical turning-point in our lives,” says Victoria O’Brien, Firearms Spokesperson.

Let’s fix this.

Victoria O’Brien 
New Conservative Firearms Spokesperson